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How To Celebrate The Holidays: Baja Style

Because you don't have to limit yourself to one dinner…

Mexican culture can be identified as one that enjoys celebrating every occasion as if there was no tomorrow. There is something called "Guadalupe-Reyes", and it is referred to an extensive time of parties everywhere, which starts on Dec. 12 (The Day of the Virgin Mary) and ends on Jan. 6 (the arrival of the biblical Magi into town to visit the baby Jesus).

This is an informal term, and barely started to gain strength in the 90s. The"Maraton Guadalupe-Reyes" (Guadalupe-Reyes Marathon) is the way of celebrating the Holidays in Mexico, and here we tell you how to do it in Baja with a list of activities.

1.- Plaza Fiesta (Tijuana)


This place has a "Posada" night every year. Plaza Fiesta is the meeting point for craft beer and gourmet food. Many bars and tasting rooms join to provide a great quantity of coupons of "free national beer", "Free pint" or "free snacks", then all of them are put inside a "pinata" and at 10:00 pm, a person hits it with a stick and well, people fight to dead for the coupons… Okey no, but you get my point.

2.- Valle de Guadalupe (Ensenada)

The Valley of Guadalupe has more than 60 wineries, making it the perfect spot to celebrate the holidays in a one week vacation, go and taste the best wines of the region and eat at some of the best restaurants in Latin America.

3.- La sexta (6th Street, Tijuana)

If you like to party hard, then 6th street is for you, there's more than 20 bars to have a good time, prices are very convenient and many people go every weekend.

4.- Papas & Beer (Rosarito Beach)


A classic, now is time for you to experience Papas & Beer at its fullest and scream "Ho ho ho!.' Party all night, and if you're not too hangover dead next day, go and delight yourself with town's cuisine.


5.- At your place


Yes, going out can be really fun and interesting (mostly interesting), but we're pretty sure your body can't stand that many nights out, that's why you have a home in which you can organize a nice evening. Buy craft beer or some Baja Med food from Hogaza, Hogaza or Dolce Salato. The thing is to have a memorable party with your loved ones.

Now you know, try to celebrate in these places until the celebrations are over, as you can see, there's so much to do than just eat with your family on Christmas Eve. Try the Baja celebrations and explore the region!

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