Warm Spell Is Over; Tijuana Will Have Cold Weather and Storm This Week

We will start the spring season with really cold days

Warm weather lovers had a very, very good last week with the high temperatures we had in the city, but this week we are reminded that just like February was crazy, so will March be.

We are about to undergo a sudden change in temperatures starting today, Monday, March 20. According to the forecasts of the National Meteorological System, a new cold front has arrived in Tijuana that will give us temperatures of 68 F° degrees as maximum and probability of storm.

As you can see in the chart below, it will be on the 21 of March (beginning of spring) with the highest temperature of the week, being 69.8 Fahrenheit degrees; from there we will have cloudy days with cooler temperatures and even on Wednesday 22 we will have a storm.

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