Tijuana Desperately Needs a Public Road Safety Campaign for Drivers

Especially to fight cellphone usage while driving

It is clear that Tijuana has more cars in its streets than before. The City Council has noticed and now the non-profit Civic Forum from Tijuana (Fociti) also, which says that a road education campaign is urgently needed.

Not long ago, the City Council announced that the officials would be stricter than ever and applying more sanctions against traffic violations from drivers.

For Fociti, the main danger among drivers is the use of cellphone while driving, not just texting. In view of this, they seek to reinforce preventive measures among residents from Tijuana.

The group said that in the near future, they will promote a road education campaign based on prevention, discouraging the use of the cell phone when you are behind the wheel.

Texting while driving is prohibited in Tijuana, just like in California, but the law is rarely enforced by police and traffic officials.

With information from El Sol de Tijuana

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