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'Bunker Food Crew', the Culinary Fortress in Tijuana Where You Will Find the Best Local and World Food

A place to eat and coexist with a wide variety of international dishes

Many were the food parks that opened their doors thanks to the famous "Food Trucks' boom" in the city of Tijuana a few years ago, but even so, several of them started losing strength by not being able to keep their originality, to the point they got nothing more to offer than an open space to eat.

But within these pioneers there was one that managed to survive: "Bunker Food Crew", a food park that has not only been constant with foodies the last three years, but has evolved into one of the favorite places in the area where it is located.

Food made with passion, with love and family recipes from different parts of the world. Photo: Ángel García /

International dishes and different nationalities are involved in the preparation of food, generating magical dishes ranging from classic French food with a delicious ratatouille, or a good Japanese ramen, and of course, traditional seafood made with local recipes.

To get to this place is always a pleasant experience, because within its facilities you can find a good number of tables available, in a perfect environment to spend the afternoon, or why not? Try arriving at night and you will find not only good food, but a very nice atmosphere.

International food for every taste. Photo: Ángel García /

The musical performances in Bunker Food Crew offer a relaxed environment when it comes to tasting the food. Local artists perform in marimba nights, jazz nights and even stand up presentations.

Ten small Food Trucks offer the best of the best, and none of them should be underestimated, since it is very likely that the proposals they work with cannot be found elsewhere in the city as prepared here, many of them thanks to the people who have brought their recipes directly from their countries to be part of a quality kitchen with "homey" flavor.

The managers of the place decided to offer a great variety, so everyone who visits has the closest option to their cravings, from the small members of the family, to a large number of friends who meet to eat, live, and basically just have a good time..

Fresh and seasonal products stand out in the dishes.

Bunker is, therefore, as its name makes reference, a refuge, a fortress of the flavor, of the good kitchen that has characterized the city of Tijuana in one of the most important points of the city, Zona Rio, right in the street Diego Rivera, between Paseo de los Héroes and the Via Rapida, where its characteristic façade with small tables will make you feel you arrived at the right place.

The prices are accessible and valid for the quality of food that is served in the different Food Trucks, you can easily find interesting proposals and combos from 89 pesos ($5.00 dlls) with drink included, but everything will depend on the option that most closely matches your cravings.

Bunker is the place to go with family and friends.

If you haven't visited this place, what are you waiting for? Just remember that Bunker Food Crew closes on Mondays.

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