A New Sports Bar With a Large Terrace Opens in Avenida Revolución

The place promises to have the best live games and a great family atmosphere with drinks and food

Photo by: Ruta 3 Facebok

Downtown Tijuana keeps piling up new places made for people's enjoyment, and what a better place to do it than in one of their most famous Avenues: "Revolución."

A new Sports Bar can be seen at the top of one of the avenue's buildings, where a relaxed atmosphere is very noticeable every time you walk or drive around. If you are looking for a comfortable place to enjoy some game or just have a good meal and a nice beer, this is the option you need.

The terrace offers a GREAT view to Avenida Revolución, where hundreds of people walk every day as part of their daily life, as well as tourists from all over the world.

This Sports Bar is called "Ruta 3" and is located between Av. Revolución and Third Street. You'll spot it instantly.

Photp: Ruta 3
Photp: Ruta 3

Although it only has a couple of weeks open, this Sports Bar promises to be the right place to chase good drinks and great food while you enjoy a game.

The bar has flashing lights and is very extense. Photo: Ruta 3
The bar has flashing lights and is very extense. Photo: Ruta 3
Foto: Ruta 3
Foto: Ruta 3

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