Café Prieto Is the New Comfy and Cozy Spot for Coffee Lovers

Get to know the architect that started this project!

Photo by: Ángel García

Coffee and Architecture are the two passions of Jorge Sanabia Prieto, A.K.A. "Chester Sanabia", and you can see them working perfectly together in a new cozy place in Tijuana called: "Café Prieto."

The last eight years of "Chester", as his friends call him, has been revolving around the wonderful world of coffee, which has allowed him to work in a fresh concept, Café Prieto.

A little more than a week ago, this coffee shop opened its doors in a new location after two months of remodelling.

Photo: Ángel García/
Photo: Ángel García/

The moment you get there, you will find yourself surrounded by a very comfy space, a place to talk, have a nice time, and why not? Even work.

Chester already had experience in the barista world, adn advantage when it comes to personalized, enjoyable and rewarding attention, followed by the recommendation of the best drinks of its innovative menu.

The "Coffee Caribbean" is a creation that combines notes of coffee with the extract of natural orange juice, a drink you surely will be grateful for during these days of Summer, because it's very refreshing and delicious.

"Coffee Caribbean." Photo: Ángel García/
"Coffee Caribbean." Photo: Ángel García/

Among the options you can also find the "Mike King," a drink that was born from an experiment and ended being one of his most striking creations consisting of a cold drink of mocha coffee with a topping of banana bread with blueberries, which, believe it or not, it's not as sweet as you read, because the balance of flavors is perfect.

The "Mike King
The "Mike King

The coffee with which he works is unique, because is a project that emerges inside this small cafe.

Café Prieto and his barista Chester are waiting for you from Monday to Saturday since 7:00 am.

Photo: Ángel García/
Photo: Ángel García/


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