The Future of Mexican Wine Is in the Hands of These Two Young Men from Baja

Their names came out in a recent list of best Oenologists

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Mexican wine has achieved greater recognition worldwide in recent years. In different parts of the country the industry has been growing, and in Baja California, having the Guadalupe Valley, considered by many as the wine capital in Mexico, new figures have stood out.

It is in the hands of young people, of the new generations, in which the weight of the oenological industry stands out at higher levels, because there are already figures that are putting their effort to make this happen.

Recently, an article of the Huffington Post highlighted "The four young faces of the Mexican wine to feel proud of," list in which two of them were from Baja California and right now are developing great wines in the Guadalupe Valley.

Here are the two young winemakers from Baja who are excelling in Mexico and the world.

Fernando Perez Castro

Parece que o Forsetes e o Sath gostam bastante do Homem de Ferro

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He has 39 years old, lives in Mexicali and is the oenologist of the wineries "La Lomita" and "Finca la Carrodilla." His vision is to offer a quality wine, a result of technological innovations and the eno-tourist profile of its wineries located in different points of theGuadalupe Valley.

These two wineries mix the organic grapes harvested on Fernando's property, and the wine bottles are made by artists, which turns each into an object of art collection.

"I make wine and sometimes I drink it. Out of that there's nothing particular", reads on his bio of his Instagram account.

Lucas D 'Acosta

Parece que o Forsetes e o Sath gostam bastante do Homem de Ferro

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With only 22 years old, this young man brings with him the inheritance of one of the greatest figures of the Guadalupe Valley as far as wines are concerned. We speak of his father, Hugo D'Acosta.

And because of this family school, Lucas is already standing out on his own ans is ready to take the place as an oenologist of the winery "Aborigen", an example of innovation in bringing Mexican wine to other levels.

"Ensayo" and "Ácrata" are the wines that where born as part of the great history and experience of the Valley.

Being a young man, Lucas provides energy to the world; his life in the Valley and Ensenada, as well as his inheritance in the oenological world, shows on his Instagram account.

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Translated by:cristina.mora@sandiegored.com


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