Possible Growth of the Maquiladora Industry in Baja California by the End of the Year

It is estimated that it will grow between 6% and 7%

Photo by: Flicker

Due to the uncertainty of NAFTA and Mexico's relationship with the US and Canada, companies in Baja California have strengthened their production since the beginning of 2017, so the Association of the Maquiladora and Export Industry (Index) of Tijuana estimates that by the closing of this year, the maquiladora industry will grow between 6% and 7%.

Index president Luis Manuel Hernández González, reported that the growth in the industry is due, in addition to the uncertainty by TCLAN, that foreign capital continues to reach the region, new workplaces are being installed and the existing ones continue in expansion.

"In talks with Sedeco (Secretary of Economic Development of the state), we've found out they continue visiting Tijuana, maybe with a probably lower profile and less communication, but what we see is that people continue to train, investment continues to come," said Hernández González.

At least in Tijuana, an estimated $886 million in foreign investment is expected, said David Moreno, secretary of Economic Development of Tijuana (Sedeti).

"We are working hand in hand with companies to attract investment and retain it, to attend to the efforts that the industry requires for its greater performance, such as better roads, lighting and security in industrial parks," said Moreno.

Via El Economista.

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