Border crossings and trade statistics between San Diego and Baja California

The entrance of San Ysidro-Puerta Mexico is the busiest international border crossing in the world

Each year, the Binational Committee on Regional Opportunities includes a summary of the border crossings and trade statistics at the San Diego-Baja California entrances.

The Mega-Region has three ports of entry (POEs): San Ysidro-Puerta Mexico, Otay Mesa and Tecate-Tecate; furthermore, a fourth POE is to be opened, the Otay Mesa II POE, which is under construction two miles east of the current Otay Mesa International Border and which may be used by both personal and cargo vehicles.

The entrance of San Ysidro-Puerta Mexico is the busiest international border crossing in the world, while the Otay gate is the main gateway to international trade between California and Mexico. Meanwhile, the Tecate POE – the smallest POE in the region, located in the eastern part of San Diego County – despite having a smaller amount of commercial crossing, continues to show an increase in crossing activity.

Over the last two decades, cross-border trips have fluctuated in the San Diego-Baja California POE. There are numerous factors that may be influencing the dynamics of border crossing behavior and overall volume, including raising safety standards through US Customs, after the September 11, 2001 incident and the 2008 recession. There are also numerous factors that may be contributing to increases in cross-border travel, such as growth in the Trusted Traveler Program, the SENTRI (Safe Electronic Network for Rapid Inspection), the use of technologies such as radiofrequency identification designed to speed up processing and the numerous capital investments made to expand border infrastructure in recent years.... Continue reading article here

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