"Pan de Muerto French Toast," a dish you can find in Tijuana

To celebrate the Day of the Dead

Photo by: Manducar

Autumn is known for pumpkins, Halloween and many colored leafs, but in Mexico is all about Día de Muertos (Day of the dead), a tradition that celebrates all the perished loved ones.

And with this tradition comes the famous "Pan de muerto," a sweet bread that acts as decoration or just to eat it accompanied with coffee or hot chocolate.

Due to this, many restaurants in Mexico are creating their own "Pan de muerto" recipes to satisfy foodies, and Tijuana is not the exception.

Manducar is a cozy and amicable Coffee Shop/Restaurant where you can enjoy a Baja Kitchen concept in the food they serve, with mediterranean ingredients as part of the menu and now with an incredible idea involving Pan de Muerto.

If you love French Toast, then this dish will be the death of you (get it?). Inside a Pan de Muerto you'll find a filling of sweet cream with berries made with mascarpone cheese.

This delicious creation is only available during October weekends, so if you want to try it be sure you go this weekend!

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