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Cetys and Jorge Ramos Join Forces to Help Earthquake Victims in Mexico

The Future of Mexico and the U.S: The Transcendence of the Border and Education

During the celebration of CETYS University’s 56th anniversary, the renowned journalist and Mexican writer, Jorge Ramos, presented “The Future of Mexico and the U.S: The Transcendence of the Border and Education.” At the end of his presentation, Ramos announced a 10,000-dollar donation for those affected by the earthquake in Mexico; this donation will be matched by the student community and complemented by CETYS for a total of 25,000 dollars.

“I have a challenge for CETYS’ students: after the earthquake there are many needs in the center of the country, a lot of help is needed and you can help,” stated the journalist, who is considered to be one of the 25 most influential Hispanics in the United States.

The journalist expressed that students are the new generation that is changing Mexico from within. “You are the Mexico that I believe in,” affirmed Jorge Ramos.

Jorge Ramos invited the student community to canalize their efforts in the best way possible, inviting them to use entrepreneurship and innovation, which characterizes them, to collect donations. The effort will take place with the support of the student leadership group, FORTES, using their ties with the University Network for Disaster Prevention and Attention (Unired, for its Spanish initials), of which CETYS is a part of, as Northeast coordinator.

The Dean, Dr. Fernando Leon Garcia, committed an additional.... Continue reading article here

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