Some Public Transit in Tijuana Will Close Earlier Due to Halloween

Be ready in case you need some of these units to go back home

Photo by: Milenio

Like previous Halloweens, and inr order to avoid vandalism and other incidents against their vehicles, some public transportation operators have decided to end their service early.

According to the Tijuana Department of Roads and Transportation, the routes that will stop providing service early, at 20:00 hours, will be:

2000-Otay-Center Corridor
El Niño- Insurgentes-Centro

The units that normally run through Morita and Pipila neighborhood, are those that have presented the most risks in this date, so the population is asked to keep their precautions.

The main avenues in areas like Otay, Aeropuerto, Plaza Río and Centro have not yet reported if they will stop running early.

It is suggested that citizens have an extra option to go home in case they're still in the streets past 8:00 pm

Apparently the SITT transit system will not stop operating and the red and black taxis that go Downtown will be working all night, but there still be fewer units than usual.

If you want more information, you can contact the Roads and Transportation Department to 608-8415 and 608-8430.

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Translated by: cristina.mora@sandiegored.com


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