Paris Hilton Visits Mexico to Help Quake Victims

She visited Xochimilco and spent a lot of time with its people

Photo by: Twitter

The visit of Paris Hilton, one of the most controversial figures of the pop culture, took Mexico by surprise yesterday when she visited ​​Xochimilco, one of the most affected areas by the past earthquakes that shook several states in the country in September.

Trying to prove that she is not just one rich and spoiled girl, the popular model, singer and actress, distributed blankets, clothes and toys among the inhabitants.

She also projected simplicity while coexisting with the local residents with hugs and selfies, openly corresponding them.

Her actions were applauded in social media as she was compared with many politicians and leaders of the country, who haven't even visited those affected by the past earthquake.

In statements to different media, Hilton said that Mexico is one of the countries she loves most, which is why she is so committed to help.

Today she will continue her stay in Mexico with an autograph signing event for her fans in a plaza in Polanco.


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Translated by:cristina.mora@sandiegored.com


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