Great Leaders Inspire Through Action

People don't follow leaders just because of their titles.

Anyone can amass legions of followers, but not everyone can be Martin Luther King Jr. Anyone can build an empire selling everything under the sun, but not everyone can be Jeff Bezos. What distinguishes great leaders? They inspire through action.

Many in positions of power have expertise and experience. However, they expect that employees will follow them because of their title, their company ownership, or their place in the organization's hierarchy. While that may be true in some cases, it doesn’t mean that these leaders will inspire their employees' best work. It doesn’t mean that they are great leaders.

Great leaders have their followers' backs.

Great leaders ensure that their team members have all the tools they need to succeed. The next step is actually letting them do their jobs. Be a team player. Micromanaging is not an attractive trait to possess. It’s all about respecting people, guiding them, and trusting them to do the job you hired them to do!

Great leaders have their team believing it.

Yes, money matters. Everyone wants to be paid what they're worth, but earning top dollar matters less than other factors such as culture, values, purpose, benefits, career growth, and the quality of senior leadership. Give credit where credit is due. A simple “thank you” goes a long way. Let your team know that their work is impactful and allow them to shine.

A great team starts with you.

Great leaders take responsibility for their teammates. Remember: your employees are your greatest asset, and they are an extension of yourself. Step in and offer assistance. Provide a feeling of security and belief in others to allow them to succeed.

No matter where you are in your life, what you've done, if you're leading a team of 5 or 500, you have a responsibility to become the best leader you can be, and then inspiring others to do same. What are you doing to improve the lives of the people around you? What is your contribution to the world? What drives you? What is pushing you forward?

Don't just be a boss.

  • Be a positive role model.
  • Provide vision for the future.
  • Provide inspiration.
  • Continually motivate people to grow personally and professionally.
  • Listen more.
  • Be humble.
  • Encourage creativity.
  • Follow through on promises.
  • Invite other people to share their ideas.
  • Provide an environment where you and your employees can thrive.
  • Make them feel important and appreciated.
  • Show others the bright side of any situation.

Right now, make a decision to take positive action to improve yourself. If you don't know how, that's okay. Developing leadership takes time, patience, and work. Why? Because it matters. I encourage you to seek a counselor or hire an executive coach who can walk with you in your journey and help you become a great leader. Investing in yourself today will make you more valuable tomorrow.

By Fernando Ortiz-Barbachano

CEO & Founder of Barbachano International (BIP) the Human Capital Solutions leader in Mexico, Latin America and the USA offering high impact executive search, executive coaching and outplacement. Directly and through our partners we have offices in Mexico, USA, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Uruguay, and Ecuador. Our corporate offices are in San Diego, California. For more information please visit: Barbachano International Executive Search Firm. Email: Phone: 619-427-2310.


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