Ensenada Craft Beer Will Take Over Tijuana This Saturday

Plaza Fiesta is ready to receive some Ensenada brands

Photo by: Alejandro Torres

The beautiful "Cinderella of the Pacific", as Ensenada's known, has many good things: Great food, the best wine, and a new industry that has come to stay, breweries.

If Baja California is the craft beer capital of Mexico, we could say that Ensenada has the bases to become the capital of the State in this type of beer with its large number of labels and quality of breweries.

Many of these craft beers can be found in different tap rooms or bars in Tijuana, but they run out soon, and it's because of this that this Saturday, an "invasion" of Ensenada crat beer to Plaza Fiesta will take place.

Some of the best craft beers from Ensenada will take over the home for craft beer in Tijuana, better known as "Plaza del Zapato" at the bar called Beer Nights.

Here are the 6 craft beers that will be available.

-Cervecería Cachonda
-//C Cervecería
-Cerveza Cardera

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Translated by:cristina.mora@sandiegored.com


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