Tijuana and Ensenada Have the Two Best Seafood Restaurants in Mexico

Voted by the MB Community

Marco Beteta, lifestyle and food curator of Mexico, who's known for making Mexican Restaurant guides, shared on Friday a list of the best five restaurants of fish and seafood in Mexico, this according to the ComunidadMB (MB Community)

Those who vote in the MB community are customers who pay for their food, there is no commitment to chefs or restaurateurs, Beteta says in a tweet.

Among the restaurants voted by the community is Erizo, from Tijuana, and La Guerrerense from Ensenada, of which Previously, the chef Anthony Bourdain praised the ceviche, the tostadas and its delicious sauce. If you're a fan of seafood and spicy flavors, then don't waste any more time, visit any of them and choose which of the two you prefer.

Here' s the complete list:

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