Mexico Has the Best Hotel of the World

The night costs around $1,200 dlls

Photo by: TW @Glocal_Design

Last May, the Prix Versailles 2017 International Award was given to the Mexican hotel Chablé Resort & Spa, recognized as the best hotel in the world.

According to Forbes Mexico, the jury assessed that the construction was carried out on lands of a henequen plantation. They also took into consideration the union between the Mayan culture and the large colonial houses that the building reflects.

Likewise, it was positively appreciated that the local artisans participated in the design of the hotel using ancient Mayan techniques, which promoted the local economy.

The Chablé Resort & Spa, which was created by Mexicans Jorge Borja and Paulina Morán, is located in Chocholá, Yucatán.

Spending a night in this prestigious Mexican hotel costs, on average, $ 1,200 dlls.

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