Dubai seeks to become the testbed for futuristic designs and technologies

Dubai future accelerators focuses on seven challenges of the twenty-first century

As an example of the growing commitment of Dubai’s aim of becoming a testbed for futuristic technologies and businesses, the Crown Prince of Dubai unveiled the Dubai Future Accelerators initiative, which seeks to link the most innovative companies in the world with leading government partners to test new solutions to key challenges across the city.
Dubai Future Accelerators focuses on seven “challenges of the twenty-first century” that also represent important opportunities for economic growth, job creation and social development:

- The application of advanced technologies such as AI (artificial intelligence) and robotics
- Genomics
- 3D printing
- Distributed Ledgers
- Biomimicry
- Biotechnology
- As well as new business models and ways of working.

Each challenge focuses on an important area of government innovation: health care, education, transportation, infrastructure, renewable energy and digital transformation.

Unlike other programs, Dubai Future Accelerators will focus on the deployment of futuristic prototypes in a large urban scale, something that no other program can offer thanks to strong support from the government of Dubai.

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