The Day the Great Frank Sinatra Partied In Tijuana

He also had the chance of meeting a great Mexican singer...

The famous Caesar's Restaurant located on Avenida Revolución in Tijuana has welcomed many famous international personalities from around the globe to offer them the unique recipe for the preparation of their original Caesar's Salad.

And in 1947, one of those personalities that visited the city was Frank Sinatra, who ordered the salad, went to party, and literally just did as any of us will do during vacations.

Even so, very few Tijuanenses know that the singer was not only here for one day, but that he came back several times...

In the picture we can see Sinatra in the company of Hollywood actresses such as Ava Gardner, Lana Turner and actor and film director, Orson Welles.

There is a story that revolves around the 70s, where Frank Sinatra, after having heard a song by the Mexican singer José José , decided to ask his record company to locate him and offer him a contract, but José José had already signed with RCA Víctor.

After Sinatra visited Tijuana to see the Mexican singer, who performed at the Flamingos nightclub, the famous singer known for songs such as "Fly Me To the Moon" didn't have the chance to say hello, but he left a message for José José with the owner of the place:

If you keep singing like that, you're going to hurt yourself, you have to vocalize.

At the beginning of the 80s, José José was invited to a party at Sinatra's house in LA, where he sang 'Misty', by Erroll Garner, accompanied by piano, bass and drums.

A week later, both artists finally chatted briefly at another Sinatra property, before starting playing a poker game with Frank and his friends.

Sinatra told the Mexican singer that they wouldn't have been able to talk in Tijuana among so many people, but he also said:

Do not forget that success is very beautiful, but it has a high price. I, for example, am always locked up, I can't go to the movies or buy groceries, that hurts, although it has its compensations. Never stop being José José, the one who goes to the movies with his children and takes his mom to shopping.


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