Marzea Sea Kitchen: A Unique Place to Try Seafood in Tijuana

Eat all the flavors of the sea at this sophisticated spot!

Photo by: Oscar Vallejo

The San Diego Red team visited Marzea Cocina de Mar, a food spot located at Bunker Food Crew in Zona Río Tijuana, where we tried some of their most representative dishes.

With a friendly atmosphere, Marzea is a fast food seafood place that offers products with great taste and quality, in a unique preparation of its kind.

Prueba sus deliciosas aguas
Prueba sus deliciosas aguas

Marzea's specialties are molcajetes, a recipient made of stone where sauces and warm and cold seafood can be served.

"El Volcano" is a molcajete heated directly to fire; This one contains octopus, fish and shrimp, roasted onion, peppers, melted cheese, and is served with fresh tortillas.

This urban kitchen fits all pockets and comes with great flavor and originality. The attention they give to their clients is another factor that makes Marzea, a widely recommended place.

Molcajetes, a delicacy you need to try.
Molcajetes, a delicacy you need to try.

The owner, Juan Carlos Félix, explained that the idea is to offer unique flavors with presentations that are not found in the common seafood restaurants in the city.

Another of the originalities of the place is that their tacos are made with homemade tortillas. This is "El Tlatoani" taco:

"El Tlatoani"
"El Tlatoani"

Marzea Food Truck is located at Diego Rivera 2347, Zona Urbana Río, Tijuana B.C. and you can follow them on their Facebook profile Marzea

Instagram here.



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