LGBTQ Events in Tijuana to Celebrate Pride Month

Starting today!

June is the favorite month in many countries to carry out activities to fight discrimination and violence against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people, among other denominations.

From marches full of colors to informative talks, you can celebrate sexual diversity with these next events, or educate yourself on the subject. The important thing is to create awareness and promote tolerance.

Here are some events that will take place in Tijuana regarding the LGBTQ rights:

June, 8

1.- Estándar: Dispositivo para ser una persona normal (Standard: Device to be a normal person)

Do not be fooled by the name of this play because the last thing you will feel after seeing it is a notion of 'normality'. This staging invites you to reflect on the rules that society inculcates for you to fit into a collectively acceptable mold. If you like being taken out of your comfort zone (intellectually speaking) you have to attend ICBC Tijuana on June 8th.

Mora information here.

June, 10

2.- Cinema Sunset: PRIDE

These will be three different screenings that you'll be able to enjoy totally free on the Cine Tonalá Tijuana Terrace. Stories that involve transvestites, a lesbian couple, and even glam rock. In addition, the first 15 people will be given a complimentary cocktail.

Check the schedule here.

June, 15

3.- Crowning of Gay Pride Queens

This coronation will not be like other you've seen on television, but more fun! At Fusion Club you can support your favorite candidate to be the official Queen of gay pride while you enjoy the open bar available until 2:00 am.

More informationhere.

June, 16

4.- Gay Pride March in Tijuana

The entire LGBTQ community and those who support the freedom of sexual preferences are invited to march and make this movement a visible phenomenon in Tijuana. The group will start marching at Calle Primera and Mutualismo around 5:00 pm and all people are invited to this march.

June, 17

5.- Conversación: El lenguaje y la subjetividad disidente (Conversation: Dissenting language and subjectivity)

If you love learning about new topics and want to know how to use inclusive language, you cannot miss this event. From this conversation they seek to approach the common public that is not specialized in language within the LGBTTI community (...) in order to find new ways of communication. Free admission.

More information here.

June, 28

6.- Fēminas: LGBT Diversity

It is a discussion forum about the history, challenges and political positions of the LGBT community organized by the Fēminas group. The lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender, transsexual and transvestite movement will be represented. Definitely a good meeting to learn about the life of people who face difficulties different from those of a heterosexual person.

More information here.

June, 30

7.- La Sagrada Familia (The Holy Family)

Leave behind those fears about deconstruction and better start dancing and enjoy this night party that will take place at Enclave Caracol. Safe space without violence.

July 14

8.- San Diego Pride 2018

Although it does not happen in June, this important march is still within the framework of the celebration of pride. The date is a little out of the way and the precise details are not yet known but what we do know is that this colorful event will take place in one of the most iconic places in San Diego for the community, Hillcrest.

Mora information here.


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