German Who Got His Flag Burned Will Not Stop Loving Tijuana

He says most Mexicans are kind and respectful

Photo by: Cortesía

TIJUANA.- A Facebook post surfed the web, a post in which a young man commented that the flag that was burned in the Cuauhtémoc Monument was stolen from him, and that he was ashamed that people had committed such action; however, he still thinks that most Mexicans are kind and respectful.

The young German, Johannes Lukas Bolze, 25, is currently living in San Diego and on Sunday morning, June 17, he decided to go watch the Mexico VS Germany World Cup match at the Green Witch Bar in Plaza del Zapato, in company of his girlfriend. Fun ended when he realized he no longer had his German flag with him.

Vivian Vásquez Jiménez
Vivian Vásquez Jiménez

From there he went to the Cuauhtémoc Monument, like all the others to celebrate Mexico's victory, event in which two people burned a Germany flag, which at the moment, Johannes didn't notice. It was not until later, when his girlfriend sent him a video showing citizens setting fire to a Germany flag, that he found out the burned flag was his.

Regarding this, Johannes says:

It hurts because Germany is my country and I have a lot of family there, I go to Tijuana very often, and I love people and Mexicans. I have many Mexican friends and all the Mexicans I met are kind, affectionate and respectful.

He also brings up that there are many foreigners who have a bad perspective of Mexico because the United States only reports the bad news of Tijuana and not the good news. In addition to this, the false narrative that President Donald Trump has shared it's not helping at all.

I wanted to teach people in Germany and the United States that Mexico and Tijuana is a wonderful place with culture, rich food, and it is not dangerous as they sometimes say ... When one bad thing happens, people think badly of Mexico in general, and I don't want that.


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