Tijuana Dance Group Wins National Competition

In the hip hop category

Photo by: Cortesía

TIJUANA.- When you combine effort and talent, you can get very far, and a clear example of this is a group of dancers from the Bet the Beat academy, who with their steps conquered the Acapulco-based competition: UPA México 2018.

This competition took place on June 14th, where this group dance of Tijuana won the first place in the Young category (high school from 16 to 18 years old) in the Hip Hop genre, after that they were selected to some of the group to receive scholarships from the UPA competition.

In addition, it was not their only achievement since they previously obtained the first place with the highest rating in the entire competition at UPA Baja California. After this, they would go to Acapulco to a national competition.

But this was not easy, since they had to pay for transportation and hotel, so they organized fund-raising activities, such as selling breakfasts at the academy, class workshops, etc.

The teacher and also dancer of this group, Jorge Madera says:

My intention, more than anything, for the students, is for them to grow up and have a better academic formation as dancers

At the moment, no information has been provided on the countries that will be visited as part of the scholarship they received.


Fidel Julián Moreno Valenzuela
Alejandra Vazquez Felix
Kadisha Argüello Ruiz
Marisol Rivera Gaxiola
Gamaliel Silva
Jorge Wood
Ana Patricia Meave
Paola Quevedo

Choreographers and teachers:
-Jorge Madera
-Gamaliel Silva

Mirna Rodrígeez


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