Can You Handle Spicy? Sign Up for This Chili Peppers Contest in Tijuana

Prove yourself!

If you are a spicy lover, this is an experience that you can't miss, an event organized by Tras/Horizonte.

Tras / Horizonte returns one more year with a fourth Chili Contest, where you'll be able to test your palate before a great variety of chili peppers.

The contest will be held this Sunday July 1 at 3:00 pm in Tras-Horizonte Kokopelli, located in Rio Colorado, 22015 Zona Rio, Tijuana.

Since past editions, not only Tijuana residents have been able to show how Mexican they are, but also, many sandiegans have joined the contest to try luck.

If you think you can eat more than 10 variety of chiles, including serranos, chiltepín, habaneros and a secret foreign chili pepper for last.

If you want to sign up call Kokopelli at 664 622 5062 or send them a message on Facebook.


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