Tijuanense Travels Around the World Making Art

He has left his mark in 13 countries

Photo by: Facebook @Alicia Juárez

TIJUANA.- Edgar López Preciado, a young Tijuana native who is recognized for his work as an urban artist in the streets of 5 y 10, and who is named "Naitoreido", recently returned to Tijuana after a long trip out of town.

For two years he was traveling around the globe, visiting places like Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and the rest of Central America, where he impregnated his art by combining each culture he'd explored with his talent.

I have painted in 13 countries and they always treat me well

He recently returned to Tijuana where he has already painted at least 15 works on 5 y 10 streets (in front of Farmacia La Más Barata located on Bulevar Gustavo Díaz Ordaz), and his most recent work is a portrait of Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), the nex President of Mexico.

Alicia Juárez
Alicia Juárez

Edgar says that he did this protrait yesterday (Monday, July 2) and it took him two and a half hours to do it.

Saritha Palacios Cj
Saritha Palacios Cj



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