White woman defends Mexican women after being harassed for speaking Spanish in Colorado

They were being harassed by another woman in a supermarket

An American woman is being applauded, after defending two Mexican women that were being harassed by another woman in a supermarket for not speaking English.

A video started circulating social media of a confrontation between two women. Linda Dwire, 64 years old, that aggressively approached and harrased two Mexican friends that were just having a conversation in the City Market supermarket.

Fabiola Velasquez, shared a video where she states that she was just having a conversation with her friend, when Dwire approached them to say that if they’re living in the country they should speak English not Spanish.

This is when the other customer, Kamira Trent 30 years old, told Dwire infuriatingly to stop harassing them or she would call the police.

You can hear in the video how Dwire told Trent: “You know what, you come from a different generation”. To what she answers sharply, “No, I have respect”.

Sgt. Carlos Cornejo, from the Police Department of Rifle, states that after arresting Dwire she indicates “she found it offensive” that Velasquez and her friend were speaking Spanish.

“She went on to say that she was offended because when you speak another language, it divides the country. She indicated that it makes her think that they want to bring their country here and want her to adjust to their country”

Dwire was arrested after being accused with two charges driven by prejudice. She was later released on bail; however, she will have to attend to court next month.


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