US media discloses corruption in Valle de Guadalupe

The Hufftington Post published that public resources are used in properties owned by politicians

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The prestigious news portal Huffington Post published that in Valle de Guadalupe public resources are being used for the benefit of businesses owned by members of the political party PAN (The National Action Party), that ignited the response of former mayor of Cozumel, Gustavo Ortega Joaquin.

The author of the news report Las viñas del poder and politics editor, Luis Alonso Perez, also responded with hard facts that support his publication. This is the original news report:

The video’s accompanied with some observations of the editor, some among them:

The wine companies hide secrets: they become Mexican citizens and are built in companies of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food (Sagarpa) and the Ministry of Economy, made to promote the agricultural sector and national entrepreneurs.

This situation disadvantages producers that are not part of the government circles that administer federal resources. For the Baja California winemaker, Jaime Palafox, it is very difficult to access the public funds of the SAGARPA, because there are no clear and transparent mechanisms to request them.

Unknowingly, Mexicans have invested 7.73 million pesos of our taxes in the construction and equipment of high-level winemaking in the Valley of Guadalupe.

The publication continues with a list of the politicians who received federal support and others who have managed to acquire resources for public infrastructure and have earmarked them for the benefit of their wine companies.

One of the aforementioned is the former mayor of Cozumel, Gustavo Ortega who made a reply, shared on social media.

We demand an explanatory note and to restore the image of the undersigned and my company’s, both in writing and on video, in the same means used by your company to provide partial and erroneous information about my person.

I am surprised that a media outlet as recognized as yours has made a publication like this, so lightly, without a thorough investigation and specially with such poor information, of who wrote it, not verified, whom I invite to publicly demonstrate or retract the statement said in his writing and video.

The editor of HuffPost Mexico replied to the points mentioned by Gustavo Ortega, defending with arguments from what was published in the note.

“There no specific mention that he currently holds public office. (…) It is not mentioned that the origin of the resources is illegal.”

Via: Huffington Post.


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