Business owners of “Avenida Revolucion” blame migrants for loss of sales

A campaign with the Mexican consulates in the US is expected to start to clean up the image of the city

Photo by: Instagram @weetkarla_

Business owners from Avenida Revolución seem to be closing the year with a loss of sales between 25% and 30%, despite the fact that a few months ago everything indicated they would close with 3% higher compared to last year.

Julián Palombo Saucedo, president of the Business Owners of Avenida Revolución, points out that the drop in sales was caused by the arrival of the Migrant Caravan: "This is worrying and we must ‘get to it‘ to make up for the damage caused mainly by the migrant caravan.”

During the long weekends there was an increase in sales, however on Thanksgiving it did not happen the same. And even being one of the lowest in history, as sales plummeted by up to 71%.

Currently, there’s a campaign expected in the United States with the help of Mexican consulates in the states of Nevada, California. This is to be able to carry a message that the conditions are optimal in the city to make trips.

Via El Mexicano



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