Top 27 Digital Marketing Agencies in San Diego

When hiring Digital Marketing Agencies, this is a place to start. All of the Digital Marketing Agencies listed here are located in San Diego, California.

Nowadays you can't expand your business without going online. The digital world is not only meant to expand the business, but also to revolutionize how we reach our customers. It also gives better ways to reach a target customer and serve appropriate ads to the appropriate people. Digital Marketing Agencies are the new form of marketing agencies that help you tap into the digital world. There are a few characteristics that make a good Digital Marketing agency.

They include; the ability to keep up with the trend. The online world has something trending every day. Hashtags spread all over the world at the speed of light. News spread really fast too in the digital world. A good Digital Marketing Agency has to be able to move with the trend and take advantage of the traffic. A good Digital Marketing Agency also needs to have the right team. This team includes SEO specialists, Graphic Designers, UX designers, and Social Media Managers, just to mention a few. You have to work with the right people who share the same goal and are ready to try new methods when necessary.

Other characteristics include flexibility, customer satisfaction and one-to-one communication with the client. These are some of the characteristics you need to look out for when hiring a Digital Marketing Agency. Considering these characteristics and others to be discussed later, I compiled a list of some of the best Digital Marketing Agencies. When hiring Digital Marketing Agencies, this is a place to start.

Here is our list for the best growth and digital marketing agencies in San Diego


They are a Top Ranked SEO company in the USA. They mainly major in Paid Media and Earned Media. Earned Media includes, Search Engine Optimization making your Website to rank on the relevance on Search Engines. Other categories of Earned Media are Digital PR, Interactive Campaigns, Inbound Marketing, Social Media and Conversion rate Optimization. Through this strategy, you earn traffic that is actually looking for you on various search engines.
Paid Media includes Paid Search Management, Google Display Advertising, Paid, Social Media Advertising, Offline Conversion tracking, Media Buys and Conversion Rate Optimization. Other services include Web Development, Email Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Online Reputation Management among others.


MaxAudience are a branding Guru. You could never get digital marketing wrong if you chose to hire this team. They have a lot if skills and tricks to ensure that they increase your lead count and also increase the conversion rate. Their services apply to businesses of all sizes. Their contributions have been seen in legendary campaigns such as the GM MasterCard.


Digital Lab Agency is a Digital Marketing agency based in San Diego. A marketing agency that specializes in brand positioning and digital growth.

Most customers reviews praise this agency because of their proven methods, 5 star customer satisfaction rating, result driven campaigns, and positive ROI. Other services that they offer are Web Development: E-commerce, Website, Landing Pages, Mobile Apps, PPC & Facebook Advertising, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), B2B Lead Generation, Content Creation, Social Media Management: Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.


Less+More is a San Diego based Digital Marketing Agency specializing in Branding, advertising, and designing. They are known to work with companies of all sizes and have an approach that works for every business. As branding experts, they help clients have great and working relationships with their customers.


Barefoot Solutions provide digital marketing services through developing of apps that drive user engagement and increase ROI. These apps are built for platforms such as Web, mobile and IoT. They also have a lot of experience in User Experience and User Interface design to ensure a perfect engagement with customers all the time. They can come up with a perfect strategy for your business based on your goals, visions and company objectives.


Basic is another Digital Marketing Agency that specializes in the building of digital platforms to elevate the customer experience. Basic is an award-winning Agency having been recognized across seven categories of this year's OMMA award. Their services include eCommerce strategy, Design and Marketing, Web design and UI/UX design, Brand strategy, Identity, and Marketing.


Bulldog Drummond boasts of a great team of brand strategists and Designers who break the complexity of digital marketing into creating value for their clients. They focus on being different by creating unique products, experiences, and brands.


BTS TV Media is a top video production agency in San Diego. They are the best in creating high converting videos and photography. They also offer services such as Social Media Management and paid digital advertising. If you're seeking to explore new market segments, launch a new brand or product, they offer free consultation services on their website.


This is Hispanic Digital Marketing Agency creating and amplifying experiences that touch the hearts of Hispanics. They connect with Hispanics by knowing what they love and how they interact with information. They then use these insights combined with business objectives to drive the growth of a business.


Digital Operative is a full-service Digital Marketing Agency with offices in San Diego, Denver, New York, and Tokyo. They offer services ranging from eCommerce web development, UI and UX design, Social Media Management and Digital Strategy. They have been in business for over 25 years, and their strategies, planning and working with the client's goals have kept them moving for this long.


Digital Style is an award-winning web design, digital marketing agency. There are numerous beautiful designs out there, but mostly they don't connect with real people. Digital Style ensures that it's not just about beauty, but also connecting with customers and having a high conversion rate.


DIGITAL TELEPATHY is a digital marketing agency focused on improving the User Experience. When you they ensure that your team thinks like designers. A good design goes a long way to improve your lead count and even increase the conversion rate. They have been hired by huge brands such as Roche and Relic, and these brands have a lot of good things to say about Digital Telepathy.


Freshform are known to use human observation and technical thinking to come up with designs and strategies and designs that center around people. They have worked with Fortune 500s, Universities and growth-oriented businesses. Freshform is experts in Brand and Culture design, Customer Experience Design, Web Design, and Development.

#15 I.D.E.A

I.D.E.A believes in venturing in courageous ideas focused on the growth of a business. I.d.e.a partners with companies and institutions seeking courageous solutions to challenges facing their businesses. I.d.e.a were the team behind the success of the MLB All-Star Game in 2016. They led to a tremendous increase in the attendance of the All-Star events including FanFest. More information about I.d.e.a, as well as more success stories, can be found on their website.


Jacobtyler drives business growth through creative marketing strategies and experiences and also increasing the leads for business by widening the company's reach. Jacob Tyler is the team renowned for creating a new brand personality for SeaSpine, Integra's spin-off for its orthobiologics and spine business. They ensured a successful customer service and created the tagline of 'stronger together' that connected patients, physicians, and even their hardware as one. They went on to be trademarked before Hillary Clinton's Campaign.


Konrad+King is a very experienced design agency. They focus on building designs for real people. Christopher Konrad is the Founder and CEO of this agency. They have experience in honing product visions at Microsoft, Intuit and Artefact. Bennett King, his managing partner, brings in 20 years of experience with a great understanding of how the digital world works. For more information, visit their website.


Mentus is a great digital marketing agency with a high customer retention rate due to their excellent services, good listening skills, and creativity. Their services are available for all types of businesses, from print to web. They have worked for huge brands such as Arrowhead Pharmaceutical, ExtraSpace storage, Public Authority, Aramark and SBA Communications.


Miresball has been known to have worked with many global brands having been in business for more than 30 years. They are a full-service Digital Marketing Agency with a balance of passion and pragmatism ensuring continuous and sustainable growth for businesses. They are a huge team if designers and strategists who define and activate brands. John Ball, the Creative Director, is known for leading high profile projects, helping start-up businesses get to their feet among other achievements.


Steven Morris is the man behind MthDegree. He advises businesses and brands on how to evolve into a better future. Mth Degree is focused on aligning your brand to achieve the organization's goals, defining and bringing the brand to life as well as working with teams and leaders to enhance engagement with the culture and also innovation.


Ninthlink is a Downtown San Diego based digital marketing agency. They specialize in web design and web development and Internet marketing. They also help start-up businesses get to their feet. Branding, application development, and eCommerce web development are among the additional services provided by Ninthlink. Ninthlink is the team behind the great Tony Gwynn Museum Website, in honor of Tony Gwynn a great baseball player from San Diego.


Pacific is a great digital marketing agency that combines the digital and the real world to create digital products that connect with real people. They have worked with huge brands such as Microsoft. Their main strength is the use of Geographically-focused optimization techniques. Pacific initiated an unboxing campaign that increased, For, YouTube traffic by 153%, on-page traffic by 50% and social traffic by 291%. More information can be found on their website.


SEERINTERACTIVE is a renown digital marketing agency with expertise in SEO, PPC, and Analytics. They also care about giving back to the society having donated $109,010 in 2017 to organizations looking for new ways to connect with the community.


Taylor and Pond is also a great digital marketing agency based in San Diego, Los Angeles, and Vancouver Canada. It majors in the Beauty, Health and Lifestyle industries. For more information, visit their website.


Organik SEO has strategies that help them come up with customized solutions for every business situation. For more information, you can visit their website here.


BusinessOnline is one of the best B2B marketing agency located in San Diego, California. Find more information about BusinessOnline here.


Fiverr isn't exactly a Digital Marketing Agency but I included it because it's one of the best Market places. Fiverr has a lot of Digital Marketing specialists, SEO specialists and Content creators among other freelancers. The biggest advantage of using Fiverr is that it's cheap, starting from $5 you can get one Digital Marketing activity done for you. It's a risky platform, though, because not everyone on the site is a professional, but it's worth a try.

The list above highlights most of the Digital Marketing Agencies located in San Diego. Happy digital marketing guys.


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