BC is the most drunk state in Mexico

But there is also something to worry about

Photo by: Pixabay

Baja California is the national state that drinks more beer; and also a state that suffers from obesity the most.

During these holidays, it is very normal that Mexicans tend to celebrate the holidays eating everything that throughout the year "we can’t" eat and drink plenty of beer, tequila, whisky, etc. Perhaps because of this, many will be proud to know that Baja California is the state that drinks alcoholic beverages, but not everything is gold.

The director of the Institute of Health Services (ISESALUD), Néstor Saúl Hernández Milán, declared that we are the most "drunk" state, however, we are also from the states with greater obesity and overweight.

That is why Néstor Hernández invites Baja Californians to take care of what they consume during these dates, since the caloric consumption in these seasons cause an increase of up to five kilos.

Via La Crónica



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