Baja California is the bettors paradise

Is the state with most casinos in the country.

Photo by: Pixabay / Solo para ilustrar

Perhaps because we are on the border Baja California has become the state with the most casinos in the country, despite the fact that there was a reduction in the operating rooms in the previous sexennium.

According to the figures released by the Association of Performers, Operators and Suppliers of the Entertainment Industry and Betting Game (Aleja) Baja California has around 44 operating casinos, which makes it the state with the most number of betting rooms.

The region is one of the states with more open casinos around 44 placing Mexico City in second place with 34

During the past six years there was a reduction in these betting rooms, in places like in Sonora the offer has been increased. Miguel Angel Ochoa Sanchez president of Aleja, points out that the number of operating rooms went form 409 in December 2012 to 353 in November 2018.



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