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13-Year-old about to receive Reward for Saving Herself!

Hormel Foods had offered a Reward of $25,000 Thousand Dollars!!!

Last Wednesday, the Hormel Foods Company announced that they were donating $25,000 Thousand Dollars, that were offered as a REWARD to whom ever gave information on the missing child Jayme Closs, the money is being given to herself.

After the 13-year-old girl managed to get her freedom by escaping from the man who murdered her parents, two workers at a chain owned by Hormel Foods.

The girl was kidnapped from her house in Barron Wisconsin on October 15th, and escaped on January, 10th 2019 . After the kidnapper left her alone in the house where he had her captive, he had told her to stay under the bed where he had put some heavy objects to prevent her from escaping.

Jayme was able to push away all heavy items preventing her to escape put on a pair of the kidnappers’ shoes on and she walked out of the house and found Jeanne Nutter an ex Social Worker who helped her call authorities.

The responsible person a 21-year-old by the name of Jake Patterson, was arrested just a little after and is facing Homicide & Kidnap charges.



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