More rainy days for Tijuana: The precautions you need to take

How to prepare for the next 5 days of rain

If you’re from Tijuana the crazy weather comes as no surprise for you. Well, this week is no different since mother nature is adding 2 more days of rain to the original forecast, disrupting our Valentine’s Day plans.

According to the National Meteorological Service, it will rain in Tijuana from Wednesday, February 13th to Monday, February 18th, with the exception of Saturday. So at least we got that going on for us.

Showers are expected to start on Wednesday morning, but it will rain in the evening until Thursday. And the SMN has sent out a few recommendations to be safe during this time.

• Housing near lower parts of canyons without rain infrastructure, should consider having an emergency plan to get safe on time
• Take care of the walls, and foundations of houses on the most exposed and inclined slopes of the city, as these can suddenly collapse.
• Take extreme precautions while driving on roads
• Do not cross streams grown, either on foot or by vehicle.
• Avoid traveling through flooded areas.
• Be very careful on the streets, canals and lower parts of the canyons.
• Avoid going to the hills.
• Be aware of any notice by the educational authorities in the State, as there may be suspension of classes for Thursday and/or Friday.



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