A Sex button gets invented

Would you try it?

Now a days there’s couples that don’t like sex. And others than love having after being together for so many years. But the usual in a relationship, and more now at this time of life is that initial fieriness in the relationship slows down and some relationships don’t have sex often. Sex sometimes happens to be such a secondary element that there are people who find it difficult to bring up the subject, because they do not bother their partners.

If you and your significant other don’t know how to communicate, with each other about sex, the LoveSync device is a very good option, and it's as simple as it is functional: It's two type buttons like the Amazon Dash connected wirelessly. Each member of the couple has a button, and when you feel like having sex, you press it. That wish stored in the form of a pulse will remain stored for some time in the memory of the button.

If your partner presses the button within that marked time limit, then it will be a Tinder Match and it will be clear that both of you want too. If your partner does not press the button on the limit time then it’s clear that it’s a no . Another function that your partner can do is keep your button pressed for 4 seconds to cancel that desire without having to wait. Or you can also press that button 10 times in 60 seconds to tell your partner that you are desperate.

According to the creators, of LoveSync it will significantly reduce the number of failed attempts in which you try to seduce your partner but don’t have sex. Remember that communication is very important in sex and you must understand when your partner says NO its NO!

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