Tijuana spots that are now gone and will make you have all the feels

Since its beginnings on July 11, 1889, Tijuana has grown so much and so fast that we’ve had to say goodbye to many special places in our hearts.

So we asked tijuanenses which are the spots they miss the most from past decades, and here are 10 of them:

10. La resbaladera de Playas de Tijuana (Tijuana Beach’ Slide)

Millennials probably won’t remember, but in the 70’s and 80’s there was a gigantic water slide that measured 65 FT, where kids and adults would slide down inside a bean bag. If you had the opportunity of doing it would you have done it?

9. Paraíso Azteca (Aztec Paradise)

This magical place had vintage cars, swimming pools, a zoo, games, museum of coins from Mexico, an old west themed area, a bridge and even a mini theater "where the flying saucer landed".

8.Cine Robles, Zaragoza, El Bujazán and Cinema Gemelos.

How can we forget these old cinemas, with space between seats and where festivals of the city were held from time to time.

7. Baby Rock

This was one of the oldest nightclubs, that we probably visited more than once. In 2012 the famous facade that resembled a set of rocks was demolished.

6. Carnitas Uruapan

Which one of us didn’t go every weekend to enjoy delicious carnitas with our family? Because as their slogan used to say: “If you don’t know Carnitas Uruapan, you don’t know Tijuana”.

5. Mexitlán

You were lucky if you visited Mexitlán, the miniature theme park where you could quickly get to know the beauty of the country and appreciate 220 models of historic buildings.

4. Blockbuster

Who didn’t rent or buy a movie here? Even thought this company doesn’t exist in the city there are still some local video clubs that will make you remember your childhood times.

3. Iguanas

There’s no doubt , this place will always be in the memory of the people of Tijuana. And how could it not? After having brought artists such as Nirvana, Rage Against The Machine, Bad Religion, Screaming Trees, Nine Inch Nails, among others.

2. Señor Frogs

This bar and grill was one of the favorite places for both tijuanenses and tourists

1. Aloha

One of the bars that was amazing was Aloha, where the legend of "The woman who danced with the devil" happened. Do you know anyone who went to this bar?



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