SeaWorld aquarium closes after 51 years

San Diego park celebrates its 55th anniversary

SeaWorld San Diego closed it's more than half-century-old freshwater on Thursday, but there’s an explanation for this decision.

The closure comes as the San Diego park marks its 55th anniversary, celebrating this month with a variety of discounts and special entertainment offers

In an announcement advising guests of the impending closure, SeaWorld said that “as part of our long-term vision and planning, we are continuing to refresh different areas of the park”.

Freshwater Aquarium, one of the oldest facilities, They added that the fish housed there at the park will either remain at the park or be cared for at other zoological institutions.

There were no hints, though, of what will replace the attraction.

Sea World San Diego spokesman Dave Koontz only said that the park is “contemplating a number of different concepts for that area in the future.” The park’s more recent focus is on coasters, one planned to open in May, the Tidal Twister. Also, the Mako dive coaster is planned for next year.

The two attractions come on the heels of Electric Eel, which opened last year.

Parece que o Forsetes e o Sath gostam bastante do Homem de Ferro

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According to SeaWorld’s website, the aquarium is home to a variety of exotic freshwater animals from North America, South America, Asia, Africa and Australia. Among them are four-eyed fish and electric eels. When the aquarium first opened in 1968 as the Sparkletts Fresh Water Aquarium, it had piranhas and electric eels among its inhabitants.

Parece que o Forsetes e o Sath gostam bastante do Homem de Ferro

A photo posted by Level Up (@levelup) on

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*Translated by Melisa Montiel Valenzuela


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