Tijuana what it was before what it is now!

The History of Tijuana told in pictures.

The history of Tijuana Baja California is explained detailed, as it continues to grow. Even though the city is not done transforming as it grows every single day. The old pictures shown here demonstrates how our city has formed, the city that some of us belong too.

We the Tijuanense’s have made the city with our hard work and dedication. Tijuana has become the fifth most important city in the country. Picture Credit: Kingo Nonaka, 1924. Picture collection from Carlos Escandón Arvizu.

We have fought for every street, for every service, for the less favored, for the places we thought would never pick up. The image shows the introduction of drinking water at Colonia Postal Quirós Labastida Fund of the Historical Archive of Tijuana.

The participation of all, without distinction, in fair conditions, is what will make social justice a reality. The image here shows the political-citizen activism of the women of Tijuana Collection of the Historical Archive of Tijuana.



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