Nu Cali launches its canned version of Sunburst Amber Ale style

The traditional beer from Mexicali has a lot to offer

The Nu Cali Cerveza Artesanal is undoubtedly one of the breweries that has managed to maintain an optimum level of quality and production in Baja California. With the launch of its canned version, Double Dry Hopped Amber Ale style in the famous traditional beer tasting house, El Sume Mexicali, they are one step closer to consolidate this brewery from Mexicali.


Since very early each day, Nu Cali Cerveza Artesanal’s team starts cooking and reviewing the fermenters. Its work area is located east of the capital of Baja California, and with the summer on top, every task must be done to perfection. In a city as hot as Mexicali, monitoring thermometers is a key task for every brewer. The quality of the brew depends on this disciplined step.

Last weekend, Nu Cali presented its Double Dry Hopped Amber Ale canned in El Sume Mexicali. Netza Pérez is the leader of Nu Cali, and knows perfectly well that a market as competitive as Baja California, improvisation is a key to success. Interestingly, you never thought of your Amber Ale as the vanguard of your canning process. They had the canning equipment, but it was fate that decided that the Double Dry Hopped Amber Ale was going to be the cone getting in the can because it was at its peak, and that made it the one chosen to jump into the aluminum container.

This particular style was brewed under the idea of presenting an American-style beer protected with the aroma of quality hops. Its name "Sunburst" is in allusion to the spectacular sunsets that the northern desert sky usually gives. There is also a subliminal note that honors the Fender Stratocaster guitars designed in 1954, where the sunburst color version became a classic among guitarists of the time.

This brewery has growth at a rapid pace but keeping it real, taking its creations to more than 10 cities in the republic: Mexicali, Tijuana, Ensenada, Playas de Rosarito, Tecate, CDMX, Guadalajara, Morelia, Merida and Cancun. And there is no doubt that now with the beer canning process, it promises to open new markets in the coming months.

Its presentation was a success, but unfortunately the first series was quickly sold out by knowledgeable clients. It is difficult to say if there are still cans of Sunburst Double Dry Hopped Amber Ale on the market, but if you are lucky, it is possible to find them at Abarrotes La Abeja and Cri Cri Liquor Store. Now, if lady luck is not on your side, don’t despair. Currently the young brewing company is fine-tuning all the details to start with the launches of each of its canned styles in the coming months.

Moreover, other surprises are expected from this cachanilla brewery, from collaborations with local and national breweries, and the opening of their Tap Room where they promise, there will never be a lack of their products for the thirsty traveler. Do not miss any step of Nu Cali, the cachanilla brewery that dreams of writing part of Baja California's new brewing history.


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