If you are a foodie, Ensenada is a must go location!

Any foodie would love to come to this coastal city

El Mercado Negro is a colorful place, prepare your camera!

Ensenada has always been a fishing port, go mid-morning to the boardwalk in Ensenada and next to the boats offering tours you will be able to see the fishing boats moored in front of the Mercado Negro, the famous fish and seafood market in Ensenada.

Regardless of its name, you will not find any smugglers but foodies, people that acknowledge excellent product. If you like cooking and trying different flavors, you must go there.

Stand after stand, an incredible selection of fresh seafood, some still in their tanks, others presented on the counter: such as clams, sea urchins, snails, scallops and shrimps. And also, fish, from the colorful red snapper to the intense red meat of bluefin or yellowfin tuna, star of the Mexican Pacific.

Ensenada is a foodie paradise

Come to Ensenada and have a taste of the sea, because the sea is one of the pillars of Baja California's style cuisine. Right there, next to the market, small restaurants offer you seafood cocktails, the traditional seven seas soup or the floured and fried fish, inheritance of the tempura brought by Asian immigrants that arrived here.

The city is ideal to try our traditional seafood cuisine. If you are a foodie and you like to explore, Ensenada offers you fantastic opportunities to please your palate. You cannot leave without trying the marinated, ceviche, smoked or fried fish tacos.

The most emblematic places to eat fish tacos in Ensenada are El Fénix, Tacos de Pescado Ensenada or Marco Antonio, just to name a few. Those are home cuisine that in any other part of the world would be considered gourmet.

National Geographic Traveler highlights Ensenada as one of the ten best cities in the world to eat: “When the Ensenada market opened in 1958 and began selling fresh and local fish, the fish tacos became legendary. Nowadays, foodies walk the streets of Ensenada that serve the classic combination of fried fish and shrimp tacos prepared with mayonnaise, sauce and cabbage. ”

We will not allow you to leave without showing you that in Ensenada street food is pure sophistication. Our traditional and very popular seafood street stands surprise and delight foodies. In those stands you will find the best ceviche toasts you have ever tasted, which you can dress with a lot of delicious sauces.

The sea urchin and clam toasts are essential! By the number of people waiting for their turn, you can recognize the quality: on Alvarado you will every day find Doña Sabina, from La Guerrerense (probably the most famous street food stand in the world) and also El Güero. We recommend you to visit those food stands in the morning.


Ensenada is a pleasant coastal city, ideal for traveling at any time of the year. It is also a mandatory route for foodies, both for its gourmet restaurants and for the exquisite seafood cuisine on the streets.

If you want to taste the legendary fish tacos of Ensenada go to Tacos El Fénix, Tacos La Floresta, Tacos de Pescado Ensenada, and Tacos Marco Antonio. This article from the Wall Street Journal offers you more recommendations.

The most emblematic seafood street stands are La Guerrerense, which year after year wins international awards for the best street food, and El Güero, both over Calle Alvarado.

Did you know that La Guerrerense toasts are famous throughout the world? Doña Sabina won the first awards of the LA Street Food Fest in Los Angeles, CA, and the 1st Annual World Street Food Congress in Singapore.

*By Ensenada Travel.


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