The Coast to Coast journey lets you cross the whole Baja California peninsula on foot!

It is a spiritual, natural and sporting revelation!

One of the greatest experiences of sports tourism is lived during the Baja Coast to Coast journey; a walk that involves a journey of 110 kilometers, starting on the Pacific coast and culminating in Los Angeles Bay.


The famous walk from coast to coast of Baja California, earns every year a greater number of followers who seek to live the experience of crossing the peninsula on foot. The annual event will be held from November 14 to 18. It is a revealing experience on the sport, natural and spiritual side.

This event consists of a three-day hike to complete the 110-kilometer route through Baja California. It starts at Playa Altamira , on the Pacific Ocean coast , with a first 50 km journey to the historic Misión de San Borja .It is followed by a stage of 30 kilometers to Agua de Higuera to finish with the last 30 kilometers to the warm waters of the Bahía de los Ángeles in the Gulf of California.

At all times during the tour you have the support of a team trained in first aid, in addition, they will also prepare hydration zone for the participants. The participants will be monitored by motorized off-road vehicles to offer the participant the security and certainty necessary to concentrate all their energy to the experience of the journey. Similarly, a camp is mounted at each point of arrival, so that the participants can rest and recharge energies.

Each of the stages of the route converges between a test of resistance and the natural gift of the landscape, since a lot of the journey takes place within the Valle de los Cirios, in the central part of Baja California. Between sahuaros, biznagas, ocotillos and majestic cirio trees. You can also be lucky enough to look at the endemic Baja California wildlife such as hares, coyotes, the roadrunner and other desert birds.

The organizer, Aldo Gutiérrez, remembers that although the walk has the support at all times for the participants, it is important to participate in the previous informative talks to know in detail the requirements both in training and as a team to live a better experience during the hike.

Such experiences find similarities with others celebrated around the world, such as the famous Caminata de Santiago in Espain, the ascent on foot to Machu Pichu in Peru or the famous religious pilgrimages in the center of the country. While this walk has no religious connotation, many of the participants usually recognize a spiritual encounter on a personal level. These little details make it possible to generate more followers that year after year conquer the peninsula - and themselves - step by step.


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