Americans living ‘‘illegally’’ in Rosarito will be deported

There is not an exact count, but it could be thousands of people.

This is not a joke: The National Migration Institute (INM) has decided that Americans living at Rosarito ‘‘illegally’’, that is, with no valid documentation for residence in the city, will be deported.

This was said by Manuel Alfonso Marín Salazar, head of the INM in Baja California. He says that most of them came to our country with a 180 day stay permit, but they haven't renewed it. And according to the law, this action is punished by deportation.

The renewal process is easy since they do not need a visa to enter to Mexico, only their passport, with the passport they can request a permit that goes from 7 to 180 days.

However, for this exact same reason that they don’t need additional documentation to enter the country, some people ignore these regulations. Moreover, it is already culturally attached the idea that Mexico is the place where they can come to do everything that they are not allowed to do in their country. This has its precedence since 1920, in the era of the Prohibition law in the US.

Will this be the same as the current immigrant situation at the US? What will be the reaction of the President Donald Trump?


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