5 places to visit in La Paz

The capital of Baja California Sur is a great place to go traveling!

Photo by: Plan B Viajero

While ecotourism experiences are one of the great combinations of this region, the ideal is to go traveling to places that also excels for its cuisine and La Paz is an ideal place.


Big Sur Café Orgánico

There is no better way to start the day than with good dose of coffee from this place where they respect the classic extraction methods, and also use Mexican grain roasters. This place- whose name is in honor of the region of northern California - has a marine world decoration. The relaxed atmosphere is perfect for getting inspiration or for doing work-related stuff.

They offer high-quality pastries such as cake made of date and other desserts that add pleasure your palate, and if you are thirsty, a craft or commercial beer is also an option.

Location: Zaragoza, 16 De Septiembre No. 40.

Cervecería Paceña by Pinshi Paceña Brewing Co.

Craft beer bar located in the center of the capital of Baja California Sur. Each style of this beer house honors the local culture, like its American Bitter Wheat Beer ‘‘Choyero Weizen’’, prepared with kumquat oranges, native to this region.

A recommendation in the hot summer is the Sierra Tóxica Rye Doble IPA, a recipe made with rye, agave, and aged mesquite in bourbon. Its Tap Room is a perfect place to enjoy the typical festive spirit La Paz.

Location: Calle Arriola #165 corner with Madero, Col. Centro.

Mezcalería La Miserable

The only place with a lot of mezcal in La Paz is known as La Miserable. It is a place for lovers of national distillates, with a warm and fraternal atmosphere, perfect for meeting with friends, and ‘‘pre-partying’’. They have an extensive menu of mezcals from all producing states, from Tobalá to Madrecuixe, and to comply with the sacred rule of this "miserable" place: For bad times, mezcal; for good times, as well.

Location: 274 Belisario Domínguez (between 5 de Mayo and Constitución).

La Morante Art Bar

Renowned La Paz cultural center and obligatory meeting point for jazz lovers. It has an open forum where musicians, theater actors and comedians present their repertoire for an audience eager for art and culture.

The management, of Argentine origin, made a bohemian atmosphere, with a cuisine where sausages and meat are highly recommended. The bar includes several brands of mezcal, sotol and liquors, and, of course, beer.

Location: Revolución de 1910 #635 between Guadalupe Victoria and Morelos, Centro (146.82 km).

‘‘Hates’’ at La Paz

To close the night, you can get a "hate", that is how a hot dog is known in La Paz, and they are a must! Those hot dogs are one of La Paz night life favorites, being considered a unique street cuisine in the region. There is also a lot of debates about the king of the hate, arguing about the fluffiness and origin of the bread, the cream- and even the adds that each hot dog stand adds to differentiate itself from the rest.

Foddies will say that hates from El Pío are the best, others say that those near the boardwalk are the good ones. The only certain thing is that during the nights of La Paz, the hates are a thing that travelers enjoy them during their time at Baja California Sur.

La Paz is a great location for traveling. What are you waiting for?


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