BajaFerries is your option if you want a trip from Tijuana to CDMX

It is the only way to travel from the peninsula of Baja California to Sinaloa and beyond by ferry

From guesthouses and hotels in La Paz, adventurers traveling prepare to continue a trip that started from Tijuana and whose destination may be Sinaloa, Mexico City or why not? Tierra de Fuego.

The famous Carretera Federal No. 1 begins, symbolically, at the ‘‘Revu’’ from Tijuana, and finishes at the end of Baja California Sur. But the adventurers know that the only way out is to embark via Baja Ferries to the port of Topolobampo, the utopian port that inspired the foundation of Los Mochis, Sinaloa.

How to get Tickets

Try to reserve your ticket beforehand, either via the internet or at the Baja Ferries office in the port of Pichilingue. They have daily departures at 2:30 p.m., and start their journey through the beauty of the Gulf of California.

Route La Paz- Topolobampo

From the deck, one can witness the beautiful performance the cargo trucks do to accommodate with excellent precision, as if they were playing perfect Tetris. Also, the route is of great logistical importance since it connects the center of Mexico with the distant Baja California Sur.

Travelers can store their car in the ship containers, once in, all your belongings are safe and both drivers and all attendees get into the passenger rooms to enjoy their journey, changing the highways for the sea route.

As the ship travels over the Gulf of California, you can slowly contemplate how the mountains and land view disappears; the clouds disappear and you eventually only see the vast ocean. All along the amazing sunset that you can observe at the horizon.

At the ship, some rest in the rooms, others watch some films screened throughout the journey. If you seek privacy, you can stay at the cabins to recover energy. On the deck there is a floating bar where many celebrate, get some drinks, share memories and make friendships that at that moment seem as if they were lifelong encounters.

Many others enter domino duels in the dining room, sharing coffee and the occasional talks. Couples prefer to stay outside watching the massive and beautiful ocean.

Eventually there is a lighthouse light meaning soon the ship will reach its destination in Topolobampo. For many this is the restart of the road; the crew directs the passengers to the next departure, the drivers depart to their destinations, and travelers descend with their backpacks to continue their way after crossing the Mar de Cortez in a ship of Baja Ferries

You can check the departures of Baja Ferries here.


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