Michael Myers, The Nun and Chucky are waiting for you at the Balboa Park maze

Try to get out of the maze and then travel a mile long in a dark forest

We are in the middle of October and San Diego is invaded with events related to Halloween. If you enjoy going to labyrinths and scary houses, then you won't want to miss The Haunted Trail of Balboa Park.

If you are looking for terror and adrenaline you can attend the Haunted Trail located on Balboa Park any day of the week, this consists of a walk along a mile-long path, in which you will have to cross a forest with twisted pine trees and gnarled oaks.

You should watch your back since you do not know when someone might surprise you.

Travel down the river with Pennywise, board the Ghoul bus where giant babies spin the wheels and Steampunk Chainsaw Boulder clowns entertain you all the way.

Before crossing the trail, you must leave the “Experiment” labyrinth, where horror characters such as the girl from The Ring, Chucky, the Nun, Freddy and Michael Myers will be in the dark corners of the 3500 square foot maze.

Tickets can be acquired online through the Haunted Trail page, selling on Fridays and Saturdays at $ 27.99 and from Sunday to Thursday at $ 24.99.

Not suitable for people with weak hearts and minors under 10.



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