Baja California

Americans live the Mexican Dream

The whole culture is what they like the most

Photo by: Matthew Hicks de Unsplash

More and more foreigners are fascinated to stay in Mexico, why? Because the fall in love with the Mexican culture. According to Telemundo, around 31 thousand 505 residential tourists are registered living in the southern border.

Foreigners living in Tijuana point out that now they live the Mexican dream in the region, where they are freer, they are welcomed by a warming and friendly community and enjoy the variety of the cuisine of the region.

Carol Clary, from Oklahoma, says that life on the border is way more tranquil and that always wants to feel more ‘‘Mexican’’. "I want to be as close to being Mexican ... to feel it in my bones," she said.

The culture, the flavors and colors of Mexico have made Baja California the dream of every American, which is why they decide to stay here.

Information from Telemundo 20



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