Tijuana is proud of Don Miguel Ruiz

Author of the book The Four Agreements "Soy de Tijuana"

Photo by: Facebook @Don Miguel Ruiz

"The four agreements are the introduction to the type of life of the protagonist, that is, Tolteca, because once you change how you look into things and fixed your sight on the beautiful and you stop looking at the dramatic side, you are no longer a victim but a hero, who sees all the events that are happening as obstacles to be overcome, because there are qualities to overcome them, " said Don Miguel Ruiz.

Don Miguel Ruiz is well-known writer for both Spanish-speaking readers and English-speaking readers, especially since he was introduced to the Oprah television show audience by Ellen DeGeneres in 1999. His book The Four Agreements, has been kept on the program list as one of the all-time favorite recommendations.

Don Miguel Ruiz was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco in 1952, but a few days after he was born, he was moved to Tijuana where his grandparents lived. His birth certificate is from Tijuana, as well as his oldest childhood memories in the streets of the Juarez neighborhood.

His mother and grandfather were both healers who shared the ancient knowledge of Toltec philosophy. Don Miguel Ruiz first survived a heart attack, and although he was subsequently subjected to a heart transplant, this stumbling block in his health has not stopped him in the work of carrying his message all over the world, helping people understand that changing your life is always possible. For the moment, two of his children have followed his path, Miguel and José also write books on knowledge that have passed in their family from generation to generation.

"Once you learn, and that you practice being skeptical and know how to listen, you recover respect, and with respect you recover that inner peace. You recover peace with yourself first, then peace with your family, and then with everyone else. Once you are practicing this, it comes the next book that my son Miguel Ruiz Jr. wrote, which are The Five Levels of Attachment "

When I said goodbye to Don Miguel Ruiz, two pleasant ideas filled my head: writing about the experience of having met him, and the enormous pleasure of having heard him say the words: "I really love the beautiful city of Tijuana."



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