Baja California

People in Tijuana will pay less for electricity in 2020

Thanks to a new project that will be implemented

Photo by: Imagen de Renee Gaudet en Pixabay

During a morning press conference, the director of the Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE), Manuel Bartlett Díaz, reported that by 2020 the price of electricity will be lowered in Baja California.

"New devices to generate electricity will be installed on the peninsula of Baja California and gas will be guaranteed through a 110-megawatt barge, this gas is guaranteed permanently," said Bartlett.
As soon as this gas plant project is in operation by 2020, the 30% decrease in electricity rates will be reflected in Baja California, said the CFE director.

This project aims to solve the historical isolation that exists in Yucatan and Baja California.

In addition to lowering costs, the economy of Baja California will increase.

With these plants the supply of 56% power generation will be guaranteed, just as Mexico needs, leaving only 26% to the private industry.



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