First weekend of the year with low temperatures at night

Sunny days while the sun lasts

Photo by: Barbara Zandoval on Unsplash

This first weekend of the year, the skies will be clearer for most of the day, while at night the low temperatures will continue, but not as freezing as in the past days.

This Saturday will remain mostly sunny, with a maximum temperature of 19 °C and a minimum of 8 °C, with winds of 15 km/hour.

While Sunday will be partly cloudy, with a maximum temperature of 18 ºC and a minimum of 9 ºC, the winds will be between 14 km/hour during the day and 10 km/hour during the night.

So far, it seems that the entire first week of this 2020, will keep mostly sunny days and with low rainfall, although the cold temperatures will remain for a while.

Are you ready to enjoy your first weekend of the year?



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