The secret paradise hideout everyone wants is in Baja California

This space is surrounded by endemic nature of the region and oaks of up to 500 years

Baja California is a state of Mexico made up of 6 municipalities: Tijuana, Tecate, Mexicali, Ensenada, Rosarito and San Quintín.

Each of them makes the region to be considered by many as the perfect place to travel or even live, due to its variety of natural beauties that give them life.

Some of its beautiful views can be found on its beaches, deserts, islands, in the flora, fauna or simply within its municipalities and the people who inhabit them.

This is why the residents of different municipalities become tourists in their state, and even finding secret paradises never imagined.

You would like to turn Campo Verde into a dream hideout! It’s an ecological development located in Tecate, which allows you to escape to an area surrounded by endemic nature of the region and oaks of up to 500 years old.

If you’ve never heard of it, Campo Verde is the perfect accomplice to have as a heritage. That cabin away from the city will make you forget stress, by giving you an experience in the heart of the countryside of this pueblo mágico (magical town, in Mexico these magical towns are a series of towns that offer visitors a “magical” experience).

In addition, you will have your space to walk, ride a bike or horse, play, enjoy day or night, and even rest.

As if that were not enough, Campo Verde, not only offers you a perfect place to take a break, they take care of it while you do not inhabit it. They take over and look for a tenant to help you generate income.

If you didn’t know about paradises of Baja California, visit Campo Verde and stay in a cabin.

Don’t let time fly by! Call the following phone numbers: (664) 375 4850, (664) 129 4242; Dedicate this 2020 to treat yourself!


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