Mexican snacks that no longer exist

Take a journey to the past with these Mexican snacks that no longer exist and you probably miss

Have you ever craved snacks from your childhood? Then, when you go to the store looking for that candy, turns out it disappeared from the market? And you wonder when, how and why they disappeared.

Suddenly, several snacks you haven’t seen anymore run through your mind, bringing very pleasant memories of those parties you attended to in your childhood, and candy you would exchange with other people to have your favorites.

Here is a brief list of Mexican snacks that no longer exist in the market. If you ever got a chance to taste them, do you remember any of these?

Nicotine-free Chocolates

These cigarette-shaped chocolate candy that many children surely tried and pretended they “smoked” were discontinued by parental disapproval, as they encouraged children to smoke. You had to “peel them” to enjoy these’.

Chips with ketchup

In 1983, Barcel launched the Catsupapas (ketchup flavored chips) at the same time as the famous Pizzerolas, Quesabritas and Rancheritos chips from the brand Sabritas. All of these returned to market except for Catsupapas, because it was not highly acclaimed by the public. The real reason why they were discontinued is still unknown, but many people claim they got stomach aches.


The best gum to make big bubbles. These sweets lasted a long time in the market and were discontinued out of nowhere, hopefully we can find them in the future.


If you didn't like Sugus, you were a weirdo! These multicolored chewy candies were very tasty and everyone loved it. Now you can find similar ones named Winnis, but those of us who tried Sugus, know they can’t be compared!

Vampire Popsicle

The brand Helados Holanda made the childhood of many children incredible thanks to this popsicle. It would leave your mouth looking like you had blood and it lasted for hours, certainly a worthwhile sacrifice. It is unknown why they discontinued it.


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